Ricoh and LDAP with Active Directory

Ricoh Multifunctionals working with LDAP to an Active Directory are fun!

When it works.

I ran into a problem with Ricoh Multifunctionals and the connection to an LDAP server.

If you do too at some point run into trouble setting up these printer-scanner-fax-whatnots, make sure you check the following:

– Set a DNS server, better, set two.

– Create a domain, first entry is the descriptive name of the setting, second the ip address of a DC, third, the name of your windows domain.

Not setting a DNS server makes the check on LDAP fail for some reason, even if you connect to an IP address!

Under water this is due to the use of just the function gethostbyname() with no checking if gethostbyaddr() could have been used as well. Lazy programming.

Specify your LDAP location (where to search) in your Active Directory such that it looks like the following:


Don’t use “-marks.
Don’t use spaces.

Lastly, you may want to change the search setting ID from cn into displayName so it can look up names in the directory, it worked better in my case.

Something like this:



This should do. I hope that perhaps this helps you.

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