linux ssh access to Zyxel NSA 320

Thanks to the guys over at NAS-central, who document their stuff well, I can now use my Zyxel NSA 320 directly on the network, over secure shell.

In my case this is handy because I can now easily backup the home directory on my linux laptop directory to my home NAS over the wifi, using scp.

In order to achieve this I obtained a copy of this archive: (Since I have an NSA320, with firmware 4.70). What I’ll do with these files follows later in this post.

I followed the instructions here to be able to log in as root: so I created the link, and opened it, in my case something like:


As a web page this does nothing, it launches an executable on the nas. So I could telnet in with

> telnet nas
login: admin
passwd: <the one that I set when I configured an admin account on the nas>

> /sbin/makekey
Got a passwd: jk4blabla
logged out of the telnet, and directly back in:
> telnet nas
login: NsaRescueAngel
passwd: jk4blabla

set a new password for root
> passwd root

I enabled the admin share to be able to use it remotely to remove and replace files. With e.g. Thunar, I opened the link:


made a new directory ‘old’ and moved all current files in that directory to the old directory (just in case I want it back).

I copied the obtained archive to the smb://nas/admin/zy-pkgs/ directory. Next I went in to the settings page, and went to nas/system settings/Firmware/Packages, then tab Package and hit the refresh button. I installed the packages Metarepository, Random tools and ffp. After reboot, ssh is enabled and you can log in as root or a user, generate ssh keys etc.

Now I have access with ssh, I can use scp to copy my files over the network.

Thank you guys over at NAS-central!

Have fun!

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