HP Device Manager installation

Here’s a quick blurb from todays’ afternoon, quickly testing HP Device Manager in my lan here. (Edit: the sofware that you can use to manage HP Thin/Zero Clients)

(On Win2008 R2, will try server 2012 soon)

Install .NET 4.5
Install SQL Express 2014
Turn on SQL Server browser service (set to automatic) and start the service (using e.g. start run: services.msc)

For FTP access I installed FileZilla. https://filezilla-project.org/
It expects the name of the share that you use as a directory, so, in filezilla configure a usename and password and set the home directory of that user to the inetpub ftproot after installation of the HP Device Manager.

Download and install HP Device Manager 4.7
You need the .exe, you can upgrade afterwards, by running the latest Service Pack (SP5 — see hp ftp site)
Install on a disk location where you want the application.
After installation, configure MS SQL.
In the server field, with default SQL installation, enter:
With windows username authentication or sql username authentication
The rest should be default.

Note: you may want to place the inetpub (the repository) on a large disk, as you can capture images from that location. Captured images can be large.
Share that location, using advanced sharing.

Since I am in a domain the username domain must be set using “DOMAIN\Username” type.

You may want to reboot this after config in order to see if everything starts correctly.

Now you should be able to start HP Device Manager and discover devices in your lan.

Hope this helps you.

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