Exchange 2010 removing active sync devices, as removing devices hangs for the user in OWA.


Today at an old server for a customer, a user wanted to finally add one last active sync device, but he already had some listed. Time to remove some, he thought, as he can do this through ye olde owa page. But that process seemed to hang.

Hence the question came to me.

We all love powershell, so we first get a list of the devices this user uses, with this command:

Get-ActiveSyncDevice -Mailbox USER |select Identity, DeviceOS, DeviceType, DeviceModel, Name

Where USER is the alias for the mailbox.

You can then use the cmd Remove-ActiveSyncDevice to remove the device on -Identity, such as:

Remove-ActiveSyncDevice -Identity "domain/org/users/Username and Lastname/ExchangeActiveSyncDevices/phone§%some%number%" -Confirm:$false

Repeated this for all his excess devices, problem solved.

Note that “-Confirm:$false” is not the same as “-Confirm $true”. It can be a little confusing as times. Note the “:”

Hope this may help you,

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