Use a Sonicwall directly on Telfort glass fiber VLAN using a virtual interface.

With the glass fiber in my home I got a louzy ethernet router from my isp Telfort.

Ofcourse I understand they want to keep things affordable for everyone so they hand out these routers free (free as in you lease them) with the connection that you order.

The -feeling- I have is that this thing is slow and/or lags. I haven’t exactly measured it, so it will stay a feeling.

Today I connected an older Sonicwall that I had laying around to play with to my home connection, and in my humble opinion it is a slightly better performing option for my home internet (100 Mbps).

In order to do this with this specific ISP, you have to create a Virtual interface on your main WAN interface, in my case X1.
Connect the ethernet cable that comes out of your fiber box to that X1 interface as well.

Now create a virtual interface (in Networking you can find this option) and apply the following settings:

Zone WAN
VLAN tag is 34 (-> ISP specific)
Parent interface X1
IP Assignment DHCP
Host name <empty>
Comment  <Up to you>
Management and user login <is up to you>

This should get you going with a Sonicwall on your home.lan with Telfort fiber (in the Netherlands).

Perhaps this could help you too configure a Sonicwall with externally incoming VLANS (as internet connection?). Maybe you don’t use DHCP, but set it static, anyhows…

Hope this helps you,




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