Root your nas!

Finally got around to root my nas, I actually need a new one, that, and I removed the casing a long time ago for the odd reason to remove the blue led.

Failure was an option anyway.

It’s a LaCie Network disk, so with some help from I could easily root it.

First created the webshell and used utelnetd (set +x), placed that on an ext3 usb-key, uploaded that to /www/cgi-bin/admin using the backup mechanism that is supplied within the lacie web administration part of the on board software.

From there it’s as easy as performing http://nas/cgi-bin/admin/webshell?utelnetd to start the telnet daemon. By default these lacie boxes don’t have a password set for root.
Once that is set, I used the info on this site to install some ARM compiled packages.

I noticed there was a package available for gphoto2. It’s the software I’ve used before on the welcam project. Who knows, this nas has one usb port, perhaps another camera project?

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