Using mopidy on debian, playing your spotify premium account with your MPD client.

Nice, I play spotify premium streaming audio using mopidy on debian now 🙂

I approximately did this:

I got debian debian-6.0.7-i386-netinst

[I have to add though that this configuration can almost be applied to ubuntu as well,
note that I use root access, so you may apply “sudo” where you like it, I can’t be bothered, as I will explain later, so read on]

Next I dumped that on a 4Gb USB apparatus that I had laying abouts, with the tool: unetbootin-windows-583

[Linux users can probably dump that using a default available tool that comes with their favourable installation, but do contemplate the fact that it is only a lengthy lot of 0 and 1 combinations. With this I mean the dumping of the iso contents as well as your favourable software installation you use on your computing device]

Installed that…. [read more (post moved) here]

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